The Importance of Life Insurance and Reasons to Review Your Coverage

September is Life Insurance Awareness month and a great time to discuss why life insurance is a vital component of…...
October 10, 2023

The Importance of Life Insurance and Reasons to Review Your Coverage

September is Life Insurance Awareness month and a great time to discuss why life insurance is a vital component of a comprehensive financial plan. Having the right coverage will provide financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your passing, which is very important. However, there are many uses for having life insurance as part of your overall plan. This is also a good time to remember that your life and circumstances change over time, necessitating a review of your life insurance policy. In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons why it’s crucial to periodically review and reassess your life insurance coverage to ensure it remains aligned with your evolving needs.

Life Milestones and Changes

As you go through significant life events, such as marriage, the birth of a child, buying a house, or sending your kids to college, your financial responsibilities change. It’s imperative to review your life insurance coverage to ensure it adequately meets the needs of your evolving family and financial situation.

Career Advancements or Changes

Changes in your career or income can impact your ability to pay premiums and your overall financial standing. A salary increase or a new job could warrant a reevaluation of your life insurance to ensure it aligns with your current financial capacity and future goals.

Health Changes

Improvements or deteriorations to your health can affect your insurability and premium rates. Regularly reviewing your life insurance allows you to assess if your policy is still suitable or if there are better options available based on your health condition.

Financial Goals and Debt Load

As you work towards paying off debts, saving for retirement, or achieving other financial objectives, the amount of life insurance you need may change. A review helps in adjusting your coverage to meet your current financial goals and obligations.

Policy Performance and Investment Adjustments

For policies tied to investments, evaluating the performance of those investments is essential. If your policy isn’t performing as expected or your risk tolerance has changed, you may need to make adjustments to ensure your policy aligns with your financial objectives.

Beneficiary Updates and Estate Planning

Changes in your family structure, such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of children, may necessitate updates to your policy’s beneficiary designations. Additionally, modifications in estate planning goals should prompt a review of how your life insurance fits into your estate plan.

Market Conditions and Economic Changes

Economic shifts and changes in market conditions can impact the returns and benefits associated with investment-linked life insurance policies. Regular reviews help to determine if adjustments or changes are needed to optimize your policy’s performance.

Policy Lapses and Premium Efficiency

Periodic reviews ensure your policy remains active and in good standing. Additionally, you can evaluate if there are more cost-effective options available without compromising your coverage.

Life insurance is a fundamental aspect of securing your family’s financial future. However, it’s not a static solution; it requires regular reviews and updates to accommodate changes in your life, finances, and goals. Engage with us as your trusted advisor to conduct a thorough review of your life insurance coverage and help you make informed decisions to ensure your loved ones are adequately protected.

Securing Your Legacy

Securing Your Legacy

Recently I was working with a client and, unfortunately, his spouse passed away. Unknown to my client, his wife was the sole owner of several life insurance policies.