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tax-free retirement

Most people are aware that their taxes will change in their retirement years. But even accountants may not know the strategies available to make sure those taxes decrease as much as possible.

retirement income planning
The sources and amount of retirement income differ for everyone. It’s the job of a professional
financial advisor to create a retirement plan that maximizes the effectiveness of each family’s savings.
long-term care

LongTerm Care Insurance (LTC) is not for everyone. But given that it can save families a significant amount of money in specific health care situations, it may be an option worth discussing with a financial advisor.

Wealth management

Wealth management in St. Louis, Mo., is a term wealthy people have likely heard before. As you build your portfolio brick by brick, it becomes more necessary to keep track of every asset.

efficient tax planning

There are plenty of people out there who take a nomuss, nofuss attitude to their taxes. They may not itemize their deductions, but instead take the standard.

maximizing social security

Social Security in St. Louis, MO may seem like little more than a pittance compared to how much you’ve given over the years. When you spend your whole life paying into a system, it may seem like it was stacked against you from the very beginning.

jeff sachs, Financial professional and founder of Sachs Financial

Retirement used to be easy. You worked at a company for 30 years, they gave you a watch and a pension. Then, it got complicated. Gone was the pension, and in its place, the 401(k). Overnight,the burden of planning and the responsibility of managing this income suddenly switched without you even knowing it.

Now, instead of an employer making investment decisions for your retirement, it’s up to you to choose where to invest, what strategies to use, and how much risk to take. Questions can arise that you might not have answers for: How do I know if I’ll run out of money? Can I retire early? If I don’t have one, how do I create a private pension?

My name is Jeff Sachs, and since 2010, I’ve dedicated my career to helping people get answers to these questions. If you live in Greater St. Louis, you may have seen or heard me on the ABC show “Retire Safe St. Louis”; as a financial expert on CBS and NBC; and on the “Dave Glover Show” and the “Charlie Brennan and Amy Marxkors Show” on KMOX 1120 AM. My message is that you can retire safely, and it doesn’t have to be that hard. I show my clients that retirement requires a different way of thinking. It’s about using your portfolio to create the right income.

Our income planning process is similar to the way the Mississippi River went from a small stream you can walk across to the mighty river you need a bridge to cross. Several tributaries or streams feed into it as it works its way from northern Minnesota to the Gulf Shore. The same concept should be applied to your retirement income. We need to establish several income streams to develop your retirement plan. Once we do that, you get to have fun with the rest of your money to create a retirement picture that excites you. And isn’t that ultimately the goal of being retired?

A Little Bit About Me

Some financial advisors seem more concerned about the portfolio amount and assets of their clients then they are about helping them retire, but I’ve always drawn great satisfaction from helping everyone reach their retirement with security and peace of mind.

Our office mission is to give back to our clients and the community. We are proud to host an annual fundraiser that donates over 1,000 pounds of food to the St. Louis Area Food Bank. Personally, I’ve enjoyed training and coaching a cycling team to complete a 100mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe to fundraise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Gateway Chapter. Pedal the Cause, Bike MS, and the Parkinson Foundation are just some of the other charities we actively support. When I’m away from the office, my wife and I love spending time with our two children. We believe in experiences as rewards, and love to take them on hikes all over the state and on road trips to the Lake of the Ozarks. Personally, I love cooking, recently started brewing my own beer, and even host a craft beer and retirement podcast called “The Hoppy Retirement.”

Rachel Moore

Director of Client Services

Rachel is the Director of Client Services at Sachs Financial. She started at the company in May of 2017. Since then, she has been handling the needs of our clients, both current and prospective clients who are just joining the Sachs Financial family. She makes sure that transfers or any other requests are handled efficiently and go through smoothly. Rachel is always available to assist clients and keep them updated with their accounts. She schedules meetings and assists Jeff in his daily tasks. She loves working with our clients and being a part of the Sachs Financial team! In her personal time, Rachel enjoys writing, and was lucky enough to have a book published recently. She is an animal lover and can usually be found reading a book with her dog and cat curled up next to her.