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Retirement can be a welcome change for many people. It’s a chance to take a break from the headaches and stress of work and to spend more time with the ones that you love. It’s the time to be able to enjoy all of the other things that bring meaning to your life. To be successful in retirement takes the same type of focus and dedication you had while you were working. It takes planning, timing, and ongoing maintenance. The job of Identifying and removing the risks in retirement is what we at Sachs Financial have done for over a decade.


Tax-Free Retirement

Most people areaware that their taxes will change in their retirement years. But even accountants may not know the strategies available to make sure those taxes decrease as much as possible. By creating a structured retirement income plan with you, Jeff Sachs of Sachs Financial can help you be certain that you will pay only the bare minimum in taxes, so you can use the savings to better enjoy your golden years.

retirement income planning

The sources and amount of retirement income differ for everyone. It’s the job of a professional financial advisor to create a retirement plan that maximizes the effectiveness of each family’s savings. People in the St. Louis area work with Sachs Financial to determine how their resources can best create the secured monthly income they need to cover their future years, so they can rest easy and enjoy their retirement.

long-term care

LongTerm Care Insurance (LTC) is not for everyone. But given that it can save families a significant amount of money in specific health care situations, it may be an option worth discussing with a financial advisor. Jeff Sachs of Sachs Financial has been helping families in the greater St. Louis area learn about LTC for years. He can help you determine whether a LongTerm Care policy is a good fit for you and your family.

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Sachs Financial provides financial advice to clients in the St. Louis area with a customized, oneonone level of attention that only a boutique financial firm can provide. Jeff Sachs has shared his expertise on the ABC show “Retire Safe St. Louis” and many other media outlets, and he takes great pleasure in helping people retire who may not have thought it possible.

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